Nawras Piggybacking




Oman’s telecom provider, Nawras, wanted people to test their fast Internet speed, and then buy it.
The Omani market is highly competitive, and Nawras – known for its innovative products and services – wanted something that steered away from conventional advertising.


We based our idea on a human insight: when people look for WiFi, they try to steal it. It’s called ‘Piggybacking’. We utilised the most relevant medium: WiFi available network names. By manipulating routers to send many messages to theright people at the right time, ‘Nawras Piggybacking’ was created. If people clicked on any of the newly-created network names,they’d get to test the service for free.


Despite no media budget, with this campaign:
• We achieved maximum exposure to the right people at  the right time.
• People got to test the speed of Nawras’ Internet for free.
• Nawras’ database increased significantly.
• Revenue grew by 1.2% during the same period.

Creative Credits

Leo Burnett, Dubai

Creative Director
Mohamed Oudaha

Art Director
Ammar Safi

Interactive Art Director
Frederick Tadeo

Haytham Lamah

Simon Raffaghello

Graphic Designer
Braden Deatcher

Senior Art Director
Dima Kronfol

Janelle Erickson

Junior Art Director
Mahdy Abdelrahman


Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013
Bronze Media Best Use of Digital Media

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2013
Bronze Media Commercial Public Services incl. Healthcare & Medical

Dubai Lynx 2013
Silver – Use of Digital Media
Bronze – Media: Product/Service

The Kinsale Shark Awards 2013
Bronze Other DIGITAL: Mobile/Tab