GMC Yukon Commands Respect


General Motors - GMC

Creative Idea

We wanted to appeal to potential vehicle buyers/internet users from different backgrounds and across a diverse region. Building on the above the line theme of highly advanced robots/beings, that are in awe of the Yukon and who seek to gain its respect, we decided to build the website as if the viewer became the robot.

Set in a high tech, crisp and clean laboratory environment, the viewers’ focus is directed on the Yukon and the user has direct interaction with the brand. This sets the viewer up to fully explore the Yukon through amazing 3D modeling and informational videos that portray all of the Yukon’s features.

Business Background

GMC has just launched an all new face lift for their hero car. They required an integrated campaign that not only launched this car but promoted GMC as a whole.


By working closer with Media agency to develop a viral teaser strategy to add gravity to the campaign launch.

The campaign began with seeded virals followed by the main launch.  Online the robots were interpreted as first person (robot) experience.

Creative Credits

Arc Worldwide, Dubai

Creative Director
Sara Anani

Interactive Designer/
Flash Animation
Frederick Tadeo

Flash Programmer
Iyad Bitar

Client Servicing Director
Caroline Bendixen

Client Servicing Manager
Maha Aboughali


Cars sold out in the region’s biggest market, KSA.

Huge level of consumer engagement:

– Multiple independent blogs dedicated to the site’s content.

– 23% who viewed the viral content clicked through to the website.

– Received over 120.000 unique visitors in a 3 month period.

The first fully CGI site in the MENA region.

  • The FWA Site Of The Day October 18, 2006
  • The Dubai Lynx Awards
  • New York Festival Finalist