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General Motors - Cadillac


Vehicle owners are 3 times more likely to buy a car off a dealer that has serviced their existing car more than 2.4 times – On the back of this North American industry standard GM (Cadillac, Hummer, Chevrolet, GMC and Saab) Middle East and North Africa made the decision to invest in a region wide program to build dealer loyalty through the backbone of their service models


After researching regional customer purchasing behavior it became apparent that a vehicle’s ownership and its relationship with the dealer can be broken down into 3 broad lifecycle phases

1. The welcome period, where the new owner is introduced to the dealers service offering
2. The maintenance phase, where the customer is actively supported by dealers service model
3. The repurchasing phase, at this point the owners is up for buying a new vehicle

A series of triggered communication pieces are sent out to vehicle owners based on the time of purchase and subsequent ownership phase. These customer touch points sell in the service model, maintain the service relationship or communicate new vehicle offers communication channels include DM, email, SMS, online, call centers and POS. Through a combination of response measurement and direct customer interaction.


Due to the ongoing nature of the program specific sales results won’t be available until current owners have reached the 3rd phase within their ownership cycle i.e. resale.

As all outgoing messaging is tracked for response the program and all its touch points are in a constant state of refinement based on both ROI and redemption numbers.