Cadillac Jazz Festival “Play Original” Integrated Campaign


Cadillac was suffering badly from brand perception; locally it was seen as an old man’s car. Cadillac did however have a couple of trump cards up its sleeve. It had just launched the new CTS, a car aimed specifically at youth and an existing sponsorship with Dubai’s annual Jazz festival.


An integrated campaign was devised in 3 phases.
The first phase was involved in drawing CTS prospects to the concert – this was achieved via DM and email using an online RSVP system

The second phase involved interaction at the event itself. Members of the public were invited to create their own original jazz music through interactive kiosks. These musical tracks were then uploaded onto iPods by hostesses and transferred to the cars allowing the users to experience the CTS’s unique association with the iPod and to enjoy the cars high quality sound system.

The third phase involved extending the experience beyond the event. This was achieved by taking it online through the vehicle of a competition. Tracks created at the event were uploaded onto a site where site visitors could download and share others musical content. The most downloaded tracks for each month won the latest iPod touch.


Through its association with both music and technology (esp the brand allegiance with Apple) Cadillac successfully managed to sway both brand preference and opinion by over 15% (as measured by GM’s internal “brand health monitor” system).

Over 8% of invitees not only came to the event but also engaged in the kiosk activity.

95% of all web content came from viral marketing – with absolutely no media cost. 75% of all site traffic was return visits.


Digital Creative Director
Sara Anani

Art Director
Nisreen Shahin

Interactive Designer
Frederick Tadeo